Circle of Stones

by Vines

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released April 28, 2017

Drums - Dylan
Bass - Matt
Guitar/Vox - Max

Production - Collin Schipper & Vines
Mixing - Collin Schipper
Engineering - David Bolema & Collin Schipper
Done at DITSessions in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Album Art - Kayley Kerastas


all rights reserved



Vines Kalamazoo, Michigan



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Track Name: Symmetry
Stone sits symmetric
Old and yellowed, still standing
Permanence, young blood on barbed fence
Hold off on living till you know what's left

Wore out the path to the porch
So I can fume toxic smoke
My thoughts burn with nicotine
When you return you're just visiting

Say your actions are well thought out
Imply the same with your running mouth
My thoughts burn, lost in stagnant air
When you return there's nothing there
Track Name: Archaeology
Bagged eyes chase night lights
Shift in skin, head won't right
When you breathe in I breathe out
Caught with my hands in my mouth

Long night spend swimming head holding up lead I'm a fool
Bit the city cracked my teeth spat them out had to choose
Stay an hour lost in early light or go home
Bottle brown in wringing hands squeezed to hard and broke, what a joke

I could keep a steady mind
And a light heart in time

Looking in all the wrong places I'm a fool
If I carved each blessing into stone I'd run out of tools
Cuneiform in calloused hands, find them in the dirt below
Grind away this mess I've made and learn to love the kindness that I'm shown
Track Name: Canopy
Dead leaves fall over King's Highway, to be recycled into trees
I'm in touch all around, spread my roots in the ground
Growth rings mark my return by year wonder why I don't stay here
Seed in soil what's left of me, spread from root to canopy

Shed your skin and wear it
Spill your head and share it
Show your heart and bare it

Bare your teeth shining
Smile wide in dying
You lived once, retry

Seven days, I'll come back, if I've found a new path
Seed in soil what's left of me, spread from root to canopy
Track Name: Seasick
Seasick over what I thought was said
I've been tripping over my own head
Swollen, nauseous then fall overboard
Found my home on the ocean floor

Echoes form in my fish tank head
Amplify the negatives
Feedback loops, current rips
Found my home in a gravel pit
Swollen nauseous, won't release
Lungs feel heavy, still won't sleep
Current swells, then recedes
Waves lift me up, let me sink
Track Name: Organized Stars
Head north up past Grand Rapids
Foot on the gas till the pines eat ashes
Set up on a circle of stones, wait till the sun gets low
Won't ever leave this place

Beeline north up past Baldwin
Leave behind my carbon footprint
See the stars shine for the first time
No right angles, just random lines

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